Printers & Accessories

Sites & Bytes Computers carry a variety of Printers. We carry Brother, HP and more … If we don't have it in stock we can usually have most in 1-3 day delivery time. We also carry most brands of ink in Stock to service your printer needs.

When purchasing a printer the average consumer just buys the cheapest printer but it cost more for the ink then it does for the printer itself. If you are looking for a printer but not sure what kind or type, that is where we can help.

Feel free to drop by and visit one of our friendly staff to help you select the BEST printer to do your job at a cost effective price even after the printer purchase.

At Sites & Bytes Computers we carry a large variety of:

  • CD and DVD Media

  • Keyboards,

  • Hard Drives

  • Mice

  • Wireless Devices,

  • Bluetooth Devices,

  • Portable Storage Devices

  • Printer Ink

  • and much much more

If we don't carry what you need, let us know …