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Water Damaged Device- Frequently Asked Questions

1. Should I put my phone in rice?

Don't Put Your Device In Rice.

If your phone is going to work after it dries, it will work regardless if you put it in rice or let it dry on its own.

Electronics do not function when wet, but once you allow time for them to dry, they may function as normal, as long as the water damage was not too extensive and if there is no corrosion left from the water.

When you put your phone in rice you risk the potential to corrode the electrical components of your cell phones. If this happens, it's possible the phone won't work again. Your best form of action is to turn off the device and bring it to us ASAP so we can remove the water from the components and prevent corrosion on the internal components of the device by using an ultrasonic alcohol cleaner.

2. Why should I remove the battery from my phone?

Remove The Battery From The Phone If Possible.

If your phone has a removable battery remove the battery. If you allow electricity to flow through your device while it's wet, this can cause the device to short circuit, which will potentially render your cell phone useless. DO NOT power on or plug your phone into a charger while it's wet.

3. How long will it take?

Water Damage Repair Can Take Time.

There is no guaranteed time frame when it comes to water damage repair, although we are estimating a 1-3 day wait time- depending on how busy we are when you arrive. Every water damage repair situation is different and our technicians work on these repairs during non peak repair times.

RISK — There is always risk associated when performing a water cleaning on a water damaged device. Sometimes a pool of water can collect under the screen, which isn't released until the screen is removed -- leaving water to move further within the device and potentially cause additional issues.

4. How much will it cost?

The Cost Of A Water Damage Cell Phone Repair.

If we are able to fix your mobile device with a basic liquid cleaning (without having to replace any parts) the cost is $75. If we need to replace a component of the phone we charge the price of the component in addition to the $75 once you have approved the repair estimate we provide.

For example, if your water damaged device needs a new battery, the cost will be $75 plus the cost of a new battery (parts and labour included).

Batteries, screen connectors/screens or the motherboard are the most likely components to be damaged in liquid situations -- depending on the situation.

5. What Warranty do you offer for Water Damaged Phones?

We do not warranty water damaged phones that are repaired through a cleaning process. If we replace a part that was destroyed due to liquid damage, we warranty the functionality of the part that we replaced but not the functionality of the motherboard or other parts that we didn't replace.